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How to dye with cationic dyes

Cationic dyes are now more environmentally friendly, harmless dyes, so many friends in life like to use it for dyeing. Here, let's see how to dye with cationic dyes.
1, as the retarding agent temperature control staining of
This method uses different dyeing agents to prolong the heating time so as to reach the goal of even dyeing of acrylic fiber. The method is suitable for dyeing and dyeing of loose fiber and rope, as well as dyeing of wool and acrylic blended yarn. The dyes in the dye bath gradually net absorption increased with the temperature for wool acrylic blended products dyed with acid dyes and bath applied cationic softener. M or X cationic dyes with medium affinity can be used in dyeing prescription, and the effect of uniformity can be obtained. Because the temperature must be controlled accurately during the dyeing process, the production equipment should be controlled automatically by temperature program...
2, slow dye staining:
3, and retarding agent and the temperature dyeing method of
It is widely used and reliable dyeing process, according to the different types of fibers, suitable retarding agent and control temperature, dye bath at 85-90 DEG C or 90~95 net absorption, the acrylic bulked yarn and dyeing shrinkage and are ideal conditions.
4, the staining of
5, constant temperature rapid staining method of
Cationic dyeing agent in dyeing bath was dyed with acrylic fiber at 90 DEG C, dye adsorption and diffusion were completed in a short time, and the production cycle was shortened. The most ideal dyeing process is as much as possible into the dye temperature, faster heating and the shortest dyeing time, if the conditions are in strict accordance with, you can be guaranteed.