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Operation methods and techniques of large format color inkjet printer

Large format color inkjet printer is not only a fine mechanical equipment, but also a complex electronic equipment, which is equivalent to a mechanical plotter, and is equivalent to a high-end computer. In its internal structure, there is a precision print head, so to avoid mechanical collision and vibration, but also to avoid stained with dust in the air. CPU, memory, hard disk and other complex electronic components are not only sensitive to static electricity, but also to avoid contact with moist air. In addition, the operation method and basic maintenance of users in use are also the factors determining whether the large format color inkjet printer can work normally and use for a long time. Here are a few comments, for the broad masses of users reference.

1 makes the large format color inkjet printer in the best working condition

Large format color inkjet printer is a relatively expensive precision instrument, so that it can print beautiful large format color images, must make it work in the best state. And keep it in the long-term important condition is to state the best print, by operation and good maintenance. Although the use of large format color inkjet printer is not complex, but users still need to develop strict instructions to complete the habit of the whole operation, especially to develop the correct habit of switching machine. For the user, the switch is the simplest operation, but also the most important maintenance measures. There are a lot of control keys on the printer panel, there is also a power switch key, the power switch is not directly connected with the external power supply, but through its own relevant control to control the external power supply